Karen H. Romrell

312-922-8001 x 109


MPA, Brigham Young University
BS, Business Management, Brigham Young University ​


Karen Romrell is an expert in determining economic remedies for commercial litigation. Ms. Romrell specializes in breach of contract, infringement of intellectual property (including trademarks, copyrights, and patents), and misappropriation of trade secrets. She has been retained by both plaintiff and defense counsel as an expert witness in state and federal litigation on both large and small cases in a number of industries.

Ms. Romrell has calculated of lost wages and benefits, lost profits, unjust enrichment, actual damages, and reasonable royalties. Ms. Romrell has also performed analyses of irreparable harm and balance of hardships related to preliminary injunctions.

Outside of litigation, she has provided valuation and consulting services including business valuations, contract review and negotiation, royalty negotiation between inventors and manufacturers or service providers. Ms. Romrell also spent a number of years in the financial services industry specializing in Small Business Administration (SBA) backed loans.


CVA, Certified Valuation Analyst​

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