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Our Expertise Spans The Full Economic Spectrum

Merging theory with practice
for an analysis that is truly expert

With degrees from the world’s finest educational institutions and firsthand experience with actuarial analyses, insurance underwriting, public offerings, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, GEC experts are uniquely positioned to join practical business experience with finance and economic theory to accurately measure the economic impact of events across a multitude of industries and occupations.


“I had the pleasure of working with The GEC Group in litigation involving the measurement of economic damages. I was very impressed with their economic expertise, attention to detail, and extraordinary care and thoughtfulness. Their work was top-notch and their forensic skills are very impressive. GEC’s work carried the day in the litigation.”

“I have retained The GEC Group to provide expert economist services for numerous federal lawsuits in which I have represented workers who have been discriminated against. GEC is easy to work with, their work product is exceptional, and their ability to communicate complex concepts to a jury is unsurpassed.”

“GEC performed an analysis of lost profits supported by significant industry research. Defense offered us less than $1 million to settle our claim; the jury awarded $20 million, less $5 million due to an assumption of risk. GEC’s expert testimony at trial was key to the outcome of this case.”

​”GEC experts are straightforward, honest and take pride in their craft. Juries not only find GEC informative and candid, but they genuinely like them. GEC takes what is often a dry, boring or uninformative topic for a jury and makes it interesting. I have had juries as well as judges compliment GEC regarding how the economist made difficult concepts seem very easy. Juries see GEC as truthful and straightforward. I have never been more pleased with an expert than each time I have hired GEC. You will find no finer forensic economist.”

“After the trial, I contacted the jurors who had just delivered a tremendous verdict in our favor. I asked them, “Out of all the witnesses you heard [more than forty], who stands out the most?” To a person, they said “The Economist.” I work in trials all over the country, and I can tell you that it is not often that the damages expert is the superstar, but in this case, the jurors were more than impressed, not only by the painstaking detail of the analysis, but even more by the explanation that was human, conversational, memorable, and persuasive. GEC is among the best I’ve seen at what they do: creating a strong analysis, explaining it clearly, and defending it tenaciously”

“I have worked with GEC for over 20 years. Their credentials are impeccable, but these pale in comparison to their integrity, commitment to excellence, their meticulous attention to detail and their uncanny ability to present sophisticated economic principles in a plain, friendly, trustworthy and relatable manner. GEC is my go to firm for economic expertise regarding business to business disputes and personal injury cases. I know when I consult with GEC I am always going to get a reliable perspective to help me win my case.”

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